Hi, I'm Remy Hunter. I'm a software developer with an eye for visual design. Most recently, I've worked on a virtual exhibition for an artist, apprenticed with creative digital studio called Upstatement, and redesigned a wysiwyg e-commerce platform at Weebly as an intern.

Since the pandemic started, I've been working in restaurants as a line cook while working on small side projects.

I'm a very organized and determined junior developer but the realities of life have forced me to work full time in the service industry. I've fallen out of practice to such a degree that I am taking a bootcamp-type course offered by the University of Helsinki. I am projected to finish in December '21, so I will be fit for hire by January 2022.

I am currently seeking to join an engineering team as soon as possible. Here's my résumé. Please reach out via email if you think I might be a good fit.

Recent Projects ↓

htmlmodern 2.5k downloads 🎉
soundlabedu / art